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The Object and the Image (this is not a chair either)

The inauguration of Concrete Space with the exhibition “The Object and the Image (This Is not a Chair Either)” is part of an initiative inspired by the founding dream of the Bauhaus. It brings together under the same "roof" or development sector, aesthetics and usefulness, creating a dialogue between art, architecture, and design as an applied art form inseparable from industry.

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Presenting Raw/War

Raw/War is a visual essay on the crudeness of war—the raw—as a result of ideological conflicts in contrast with the superficial asepsis of the official Ideologies—the cooked narratives. Following a minimalist aesthetic approach, Arnaldo Simon delivers a strong visual message about the dichotomy and symmetry of Ideology and Violence on the stele of Lévi-Strauss’s seminal anthropological essay The Raw and the Cooked (Le Cru et le cuit, 1964). The series included in this major exhibition point to the binary opposition of categories that disguise, camouflage and mirror themselves —the word Raw contains in itself the origins of the War when reads backward.

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ConcreteSpace Presents Alloys: A Cuban-American Tale

On Saturday July 22nd, at 7:00 pm, Concrete Space Art Gallery will be hosting a talk by the members of the group Sérverus: Alvaro Labañino, Jefreid Lotti, and Miguel Saludes, and curator Joaquin Badajoz, about their recent exhibition Alloys: A Cuban-American Tale, which opened its doors on July 1st and will run through August 31st. The artists and curator will be addressing questions from the audience afterwards.  

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