ConcreteSpace Presents Alloys: A Cuban-American Tale

An exhibition by the group Sérverus, curated by Joaquin Badajoz

On Saturday July 22nd, at 7:00 pm, Concrete Space Art Gallery will be hosting a talk by the members of the group Sérverus: Alvaro Labañino, Jefreid Lotti, and Miguel Saludes, and curator Joaquin Badajoz, about their recent exhibition Alloys: A Cuban-American Tale, which opened its doors on July 1st and will run through August 31st. The artists and curator will be addressing questions from the audience afterwards.  

About the Exhibition:

“A Cuban-American story of art and life is nothing else other than an American tale. There are many ways of belonging to the American way of life, and in “Alloys: A Cuban-American Tale,” three plots are intertwined to create a large-scope narrative familiar to almost every immigrant or native in this country. Belonging to a family, a group, a race, or a nation, is an artificial though tempting idea, even for the most independent of free spirits. In the pursuit of this sense of belonging, fighting to be accepted and rebelling against it, artists shape themselves.

Sérverus, a Cuban-American artistic joint venture, embodies those concepts in a very particular way. The art exhibited in “Alloys” is more a creative alliance than a productive fusion. It is a bonding in which all elements change and interact without producing a distinctive common product, dissolving or obliterating authorship into a totally new one, like many other collaborative endeavors. We must consume Sérverus’ art as a three-headed project, a trans-vanguard aesthetic manifesto, or an umbrella under which these talented emergent artists operate, becoming stronger as a team without losing their identities.”

Joaquin Badajoz | Manhattan | 2017

About the Group:

“Sons of Latin American immigrants, we have come together to exemplify, by virtue of our different approaches to painting, the diversity that has historically come to define the so called “melting pot”. The United States, is hence, to us, the ultimate alloy, forged by generations of immigrants through their hard work and ingenuity. The fusion of their accrued potential constitutes the principal force that thrusts the machinery of progress. Our pursuit of authenticity and our desire to dignify our Latin-American heritage through our work, are ingrained in the name we have adopted for the group. Sérverus is a play on words stemming from the Latin term “ser verus”, which signifies “being truthful”. The accented e is a stylization paying homage to the Spanish language which we speak from birth. The name also alludes to the mythical beast Cerberus, three-headed guardian of the underworld. This fabled creature is, succinctly, a final symbolic alloy, which bestows us the freedom to exercise our multifaceted identity, as well as the tenacity to protect Painting’s legacy and our roots.”

Labañino, Lotti, Saludes | Miami | 2017

About the Artists:

Alvaro Labañino, son of Honduran and Cuban immigrant parents was born in Miami, Florida in 1989. He studied painting in Miami Dade College and later in Florida International University. He currently resides and works in Miami, Florida.

Jefreid Lotti was born in Cuba in 1989 and immigrated to the United States at the age of 10. He studied painting in Miami Dade College, Florida International University and the University of Florida. He lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Miguel Saludes was born in Cuba in 1989 and immigrated to the United States in 2005 with his family. He studied painting in Miami Dade College, Florida International University, and the University of Florida. He lives and works in Naples, Florida.